Windows Communication Foundation (WCF Service) vs Web Service

Before you read this post, I would like to admit that the content of this blog is not written by me but I copy it from many resources on internet. I always ask (review) myself why Microsoft must invent WCF Service. What are the advantages of WCF in compare to web services? I found many answers on internet and would like to archive them for myself. The source of these information I insert at the end of this post.

WCF ServiceWeb Service
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) provides .NET Framework class libraries, tools and hosting facilities for enabling software entities to communicate using any protocols, including those used by Web servicesASP.NET provides .NET Framework class libraries and tools for building Web services, as well as facilities for hosting services within Internet Information Services (IIS)
WCF provides tools that can be used when software entities must be made to communicate with one anotherASP.NET Web services tools are solely for building Web services
WCF supports sending messages by using HTTP, as well as the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), named pipes, and Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ). More important, WCF can be extended to support additional transport protocolsASP.NET Web services only support sending messages by using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
WCF provides much richer facilities for deploying and managing applications than ASP.NET Web services provides-
WCF offers a configuration editor, activity tracing from senders to receivers and back through any number of intermediaries, a trace viewer, message logging, a vast number of performance counters, and support for Windows Management InstrumentationASP.NET has a configuration system

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