How to install Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 on VirtualBox?

UPDATE: For Mac OS X Sierra please follow this post How to install Mac OS X Sierra 10.12 on VirtualBox?

Years ago I wrote a post for installing Mac OS X on VirtualBox. At that time, the version of Mac OS X was 10.7.3 Lion. The installation may not work with current version of VirtualBox anymore. Therefore, I would like to make another post for updating this hack. This time, we’ll use VirtualBox 4.3.26 for hosting Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 in Windows 8.


1. Download pre-installed VirtualBox image from following link

For mirror 3, use HjSplit to join the files back. It’s about 7GB. HjSplit is also in Google Drive folder.

2. Extract Mac OS X Yosemite Niresh Intel and AMD Images.rar file to a folder, you’ll get a list of these files
VirtualBox Pre-Installed images file

3. In VirtualBox, create a new machine with following settings

OS Settings

RAM Settings

4. For Hard drive, browse to Mac OS X Yosemite Niresh Intel And AMD.vmdk file which can be found in extract folder before.

Hard drive Settings

5. Click Create. Right click on new machine and select Settings. Be sure that Floppy Disk, Enable EFI (special OSes only), Hardware clock in UTC time are disabled.

Disable Floppy Disk

***Some readers said that maybe the chipset should be PII* to get system works. If your system doesn’t work, try to change chipset to PII*.

6. Set number of processors to the max of real processors you have, it’ll speed up the installation. I have a dual core so I set the number of processors to 2.

Number of processors

7. In Display settings, set Video Memory to max 128MB.

Video Memory

8. Start your machine. On the boot screen, press Space and enter -v to boot in verbose mode like following.

Boot -v

9. It will take a while depending on the power of your real CPU and hard disk to set up the installation process.

Boot protocol

10. When boot finishes, you should land on the welcome screen for setting up Mac OS X. The following images show my sample settings, you can change them if you want.



Import settings

Sign in with Apple ID

Create account

11. Create account takes a while. Just wait until you’re forwarded to the login screen.

Login screen

12. Login with your new created account. You’ll be asked for some more settings before going to the main screen of Mac OS X.

Send diagnostics and usage data to Apple

Setting up

13. DON’T DO ANYTHING. Just wait until script finishes his work.

14. The script will notify the progress through pop up on the right. You can fix Mac AppStore during the progress by choosing Fix It.

Fix Mac AppStore

Network References

15. Just wait until you see this message on top left pop up.


16. Then wait for a few minutes to be sure everything of the script has been done. Now close Safari browser opened by script. Restart the machine.

17. By next time, on boot screen, simple press Enter, log in with your account. It’ll take a while then the machine is ready to use.

122 thoughts on “How to install Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 on VirtualBox?”

  1. I am running VirtualBox and have Ubuntu running.

    I successfully installed the Mac OS X Yosemite from the .vmdk file. However, I cannot get the network to work. (It works fine on my Ubuntu instance)
    Any ideas?

    thank you

  2. @Eman: I know the performance isn’t good but we can’t do anything more. The resolution can’t be adjusted. It’s a limitation of a Hackintosh.
    @Gem: In Virtual Box console, there is a network setting section. Try to play around with the combinations until you get your network works. :).

  3. no welcome screen after finish verbose boot. instead i got name and password to login ?
    my virtual box version is 4.3.30

  4. I installed it yesterday it was working fine. now i when restart system yosemite OS not working. its saying “Debugger not configured hanging….” . what to do now?? Please help …

  5. I followed your steps to the letter, but when I do step 8. “Start your machine. On the boot screen, press Space and enter -v to boot in verbose mode like following.”, it consistently crashes.
    Last thing I see is something like “No SCM* replacement found”.
    Any idea what the problem might be?

  6. Hi naresh, can you show us the hakintosh script that is run on startup? Inorder for this vbox image to be useful, we need to know if the Mac App store fix does not install any backdoor or invalidate the os in such a way that Apple will detect the modifications done to it. Our apps that we write using this os may get banned.


  7. getting the following when i hit -v at the prompt:

    reseted kernel cache file path = /System/Library/Caches/

    then just press a key to continue.

  8. Not working for me after step 8. I can see Axe on Mac logo. and stuck for 2hours on it. Should I wait longer?

  9. @JayBau: No you shouldn’t wait anymore. Stop it and start all again. If it doesn’t work then just give up. The image maybe won’t work for your computer.

  10. Everytime when i start the mac os in virtual box.I have to type -v and setup all the things again an again.

  11. Hi I have followed all your steps
    it stuck at some stage and not moving ahead at boot stage.
    I wait for 2hrs but stuck at the same position.

  12. …..
    hfs:mounted MAX OS X Yosemite Niresh by Tech on device root_device
    VM Swap Subsystem is ON

    not moving ahead after this boot status

  13. I download the file from the mirror1. But after unzipping it I could not find any .iso file. Am I doing something wrong ?

  14. @goldy: Mirror 1 contains only torrent files, you’ll need then a torrent client to get real files. Use Mirror 3 to download files directly.

  15. I get at black screen and nothing happens when i finish step 8 by entering -v…..Can anybody help

  16. This could have been very helpful but your mirrors are broken. Only partial downloads.

    Thank you for trying

  17. I configure as per your instruction, but i unable to boot when i press -v nothing happen only wallpaper show.

  18. hi,

    the above method is not working . i got struck ,while logging in with root user, the screen is not changed.
    any help is appreciated.

  19. “During step 8, I get a black screen and nothing happens!”
    had the same thing, resolved it by checking “Enable EFI” on screen 5.

  20. I reach at the 7 step. but in 8th step when i start the machine it shos the black screen . can anyone help me what should I do.?

  21. In the list of operating systems I only have two options for Mac OS X:

    Mac OS X (32-bit)

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (32-bit)

    My host system is a 64-bit OS. Have I done something wrong?

  22. Dear , I followed the steps all goed until the step to reboot after waiting several minutes to let the scrip to her job.

    I got a black screen with text:

    kernel extention (this text is not even written correct, Kkeerrnneell Eexxtteennssiioonnss iinn bbaacckkttrraaccee::

    ccoomm..aappppllee..ddrriivveer..AApppplleeSSMMCC((33..11..99)) [letters and numbers] …. ..;

    ddeeppeennddeennccy:: ccoomm..aappppllee..iiookkiitt………



    all is in dubble letters:
    mac oss version

    kernel version

    normal text:
    attempting to commit panic log to NVRAM
    EFI: couldn’t save panic info (err = 80000003)
    ethernet MAC adress : blabla
    ethernet MAC addres: same address as blabla.
    ip adress: my ip adres
    ip adress: same ip adres as above.

    waiting for remote debugger connection.
    Waiting for remote debugger connection.

  23. hello,
    maybe this will help some that are stuck on the black screen after starting the image
    I only have Virtualization Technology and i enabled it,VT-d doesnt appear in the BIOS and Hyper-V platform is not present in the my windows features
    I used PIIX3 setting and enabled EFI option and now installation started

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